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How to Stop Burnout in its Tracks

How are you going? I mean, how are you really going? Personally, I’ve been feeling exhausted lately and speaking to many people, I am not alone. I keep hearing that people are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted as if it were the end of the year, but we’ve barely made it through the first month! Why is this?

I think most of us are still carrying fatigue from the recent years that have been filled with serious and impactful global events, especially those of us from Melbourne. Particularly in the last 12 months, it has been exciting to get out and do, catch up, and go to missed events and family times. I thought I was pretty good at being centred in my busy life and having a good awareness of what I need to do to look after myself. I thought I had a good grasp on how to prioritise work, life, and self-care. But honestly, it’s been tricky trying to find time to nurture relationships as we went from being on top of each other constantly, to finding space, and then coming back to them in a meaningful way.

So after some deep thought, I decided to book a little adventure for Adrian and me, and we escaped to the beautiful Whitsundays for a 6-day escape. And oh boy, it was exactly what I needed. The funny thing is, the things we loved the most were being on the boat, sailing, snorkelling, not having to think, and getting to meet new people. Yes, the exact thing we do with our adventures; we probably should’ve come to this solution sooner! So from firsthand experience, here are some signs of burnout and what you can do about it.

How to stop it from happening

Get clear on who you want to be and what you want to be known for

Find a purpose that scares you a little and excites you a lot

Get conscious. A.k.a. Stop thinking and DO

Do things that fill your battery before you burn yourself and others out  

Take regular time out. For example, go for a walk, dig out the self-love list, and practice some mindfulness or meditation 

Listen to others and what they are telling you

Find your tribe and trust them and their advice

I remember at the beginning of 2022, the new year brought hope that the tourism industry would bounce back with confidence, and people would start booking their long-awaited holidays, day events and escapes. But people still needed to isolate, staff were still getting COVID, and there were a few trips just not making it all the way to the end. And we’re seeing that come back again now. Thankfully tourism has perked back up again, with people craving adventure and wanting to get out and about, but I feel like lots of people are getting COVID again! Have you noticed this?

But going back to 2022, I found that my reliable self-care skills were slipping when I was in such a strange and unique scenario. Between the overload of decision-making and the lack of control over my life that had left my battery so empty, I found my usual self-care routine wasn’t enough.

Signs of exhaustion and burnout

You are feeling exhausted and flat

You struggle with poor sleep quality or quantity

You can’t be bothered to exercise

You numb emotions with binge-watching, mindless eating, and alcohol 

You are feeling overwhelmed

You are quick to anger and have less tolerance 

Feel like you have no motivation and want to burrow down in your home

The solution

What helps you recharge and brings you back to life? For me, it is having an adventurous spirit, going on adventures big or small, and getting out to be challenged and learn. I also find that connecting with like-minded people, taking chances, and spending time in nature brings me back to life, as it calms me, grounds me, and heals me! When mixed with some non-thinking, non-decision time, I’ve made the perfect concoction to stop my burnout in its tracks.

To do this, I have to have time out firmly scheduled in my calendar. I have monthly ‘me’ days, an adventure holiday or multi-day hike every quarter, and a bigger memory-creating, soul-fulfilling adventure once a year. It sounds like a lot but when you put it in perspective and compare it to how many days and weeks we spend working non-stop, it really only makes up a small percentage of the whole year.

If you would like to discuss how our adventures can help you feel less burned out, reach out to us, or just check out our calendar of epic events to find the perfect one for you.


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