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Do you love the outdoors, and have the skills and personality to support and encourage others on an adventure?

If you LOVE the outdoors and want to be part of a growing opportunity to encourage others into new adventures and make new friends, then we might have an opportunity for you!

Take Shape Adventures is gunning to become Australia’s best adventure and lifestyle company. We thrive on getting people outside and doing stuff! And we are always looking for the right staff.

If you are someone with a passion for the outdoors, personal development and nurturing client relationships then we have opportunities for you!

Our goal is to continue creating a fit and healthy community. We offer safe and accessible adventures for people of all ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes.

We promote our clients to step into the best version of themselves, and have the fitness, lifestyle and adventure events that help make this happen. We foster a strong community of supportive and encouraging people who are along for the ride and allow people to create friendships with like-minded people.

Help us to get people out of their comfort zones and leave them thinking:  ‘wow- I can’t believe I did that’!

"Does your community need you!"

Marketing & Sales Superstar opportunity is here!

Are you an outdoor enthusiast and marketing superstar? We are looking for someone to join our team and advance our sales and marketing.  


This position requires a person who is a specialist in Facebook ads, social media, and direct email campaigns to promote the business and create sales. They can also work in a dynamic team to create innovative and effective marketing. 

This is a new role that will be developed and crafted to your skills, and you will need to be highly adaptable in creating your own avenues of work to reach the bigger goals. This includes a good capacity for self-motivation, excellent general computer skills and ability to use new software.

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