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The Truth Behind “the Journey”

There’s a saying that goes, “Get off the couch and climb the mountain”. This is one of our favourites at TSA because it attempts to inspire people to take action, which is what we’re all about. We often come across stories in books, on TV, and on social media where people proudly proclaim, “I just did it! I went from point A to point B. I got off the couch and I climbed the mountain”. However, these stories often fail to capture the real essence of the journey and the obstacles that come with it. It’s time to dive deeper into the hidden aspects of the journey and uncover the truth behind our aspirations.

In today’s world, we are inundated with social media images showcasing incredible physical, intellectual, or financial accomplishments. It can be something as literal as someone’s “body goals” transformation, or photos of them running a marathon or standing at the top of Mount Everest. On the other hand, it can be something less obvious, like a photo of an expensive holiday or a fancy new car. Whatever it is, it can often make the viewers think, “Wow, look what they’ve achieved and are able to do with their lives”.

We live in a world obsessed with numbers and scales, constantly measuring every aspect of our lives. Kids’ intellect is measured with percentages and adults’ success is measured in dollars or achievements that can be represented with a statistic, rather than a qualitative measure like how we feel or our satisfaction in life. In possibly the most literal example of numbers and scales, we use our weight to measure how healthy or “good” we are.

This obsession with numbers and the constant state of striving for the next “best” number can prevent us from truly living as our authentic selves and embracing who we are. We are made to believe that we are “good” if we adhere to a certain diet (probably one that sucks the joy out of life, let’s be honest) or maintain a rigorous exercise routine. Conversely, we are labelled as “bad” if we don’t meet these expectations by making any sort of slip-up or failing to achieve the desired results. It’s time to end this self-judgement and focus on living joyfully and authentically.

We also read about individuals who abandon everything for epic adventures. Maybe they go on a global hiking tour or quit their job to become a free-spirited traveller. While these tales may ignite admiration, they can also discourage those of us who lack the time, courage, or financial means to embark on such grand expeditions. Not everyone is able to drop everything to embrace the #vanlife and travel all over the world, or go to the gym for 3 hours a day to achieve a bodybuilder’s physique. Moreover, these secondhand

stories often leave out the untold chapters of the mistakes, sacrifices, and losses experienced along the way.

Our physical appearance and body is merely the vessel in which we reside. It’s kind of like a permanent home that allows you to do everything you can do, and is constantly working to keep you alive. The areas of the world where people live the longest, often referred to as the “blue zones,” reveal that only a small percentage of their longevity can be attributed to their diet alone. The true reasons behind their longevity lie in their sense of belonging, social connections, and an active lifestyle.

Author of the Blue Zone Solution book Dan Buettner identified what he calls the “Power 9” for longevity, and only 2 of these are about the way we eat (and 1 is about the way we drink). The rest of the lifestyle patterns identified in these blue zone communities are to do with having strong family and social connections, reducing stress, finding purpose, and engaging in natural, organic movement. It’s time to abandon the obsession with numbers and live intuitively, doing what genuinely makes us feel good. I mean, really good. Not just numbing our minds with endless hours of Netflix, but seeking fulfillment through the challenges we overcome. It’s these difficult experiences that shape us and help us grow.

So, let’s step outside, embrace the outdoors, and build meaningful connections. Let’s break free from the constraints of society’s expectations and find our own path. Remember, it’s not just about reaching a destination; it’s about the transformative journey that awaits us. Together, we can unravel the hidden truths, celebrate our victories, and inspire others to embark on their unique adventures. It’s time to live authentically, embrace the challenges, and make every moment count.

If you want to embark on your own beautiful journey that is more about creating social connection and engaging in joyful movement than adhering to arbitrary numbers, check out our calendar of events and get yourself into an awesome adventure.


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