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The Positive Butterfly Effect of Adventure

Many people ask what adventure is good for, and we usually immediately think about the personal benefits of nature and adventure, and how it can improve our physical health, refresh our minds, and help us create new and exciting connections with others. But the positive effects of nature ripple out further than that, with adventurers supporting small businesses and individuals both locally and across the whole world! So let us walk you through (pardon the pun) exactly how adventure can be both fun and impactful.

Let’s start close to home. Picture this: you’ve got yourself booked into a famous TSA adventure (classic you!) and you think, “Great, I’ve given myself an exciting escape and I’m supporting a local business of fellow adventure lovers, from the guides to the admin staff.” Okay, maybe you don’t think that but you should – it’s 100% right! But also think about the many other local businesses that we all work with to make our adventures happen. Whenever we head off on our adventures, we collaborate with one accommodation business or another that allows you to rest your weary head – and legs – for the evening. That helps their income and supports everyone who works there.

Maybe you’ve come along to our French Island overnight hike, where we’re great mates with the French Island General Store when we need extra supplies – or when they’re helping us shift some gear! Maybe you’ve joined us at the famous Halls Gap ice-cream shop for a refreshing scoop following your hike; both a metaphorical and sometimes literal cherry on top of the sundae. Or if you’ve been lucky enough to come on our gourmet hikes, you may have joined us at the Bass and Flinders Distillery or Mount Macedon Winery for a cheeky tipple. All of these experiences add so much joy to our adventure, but we need to remember that it’s a two-way street. They also appreciate the business and the opportunity to bring their goods to an upbeat, positive group (which we always are).

We can still think even bigger though. If we zoom out and explore the global impact of adventure, we can see how we fuel small businesses all over the globe. As adventurers, it’s exciting to try food, accommodation, and experiences from different cultures, including engaging with the individuals who work there. Having a group of curious adventurers coming in to provide business and seek some wisdom about the area is just as exciting – especially if they love an Aussie accent.

For example, think about the bustling markets of Morocco. The vibrant colours, flavourful scents, and lively vendors are unlike anything we have in Australia. When we purchase lovely memorabilia from their local artisans and merchants, we not only bring home unique treasures but also contribute to the livelihoods of communities on the other side of the world. At TSA, we also partner with local experts in places such as Tanzania and Japan who lead us off the beaten path and give us the best insight into their beloved cities or countries. These passionate guides share their knowledge and expertise, and provide valuable opportunities for cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

The bottom line is this: adventure isn’t just good for our souls – it also supports many people whose livelihood depends on you visiting and exploring a location. From local family shops and accommodation to international artisans and guides, the butterfly effect of our adventures reaches far and wide, touching lives and supporting communities in ways we may never even realise. So the next time you’re gearing up for an adventure, remember that while you’re giving yourself a regular day out or a once-in-a-lifetime adventure holiday, you’re also making a positive difference in the lives of business owners, staff and families. So get that next adventure planned and make your mark in our connected world.


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